You have your Product Launch Goals, Now What?

Lynn Donaldson is Co-Founder of  Lylli LaunchTools ® & CEO – ConnectA Strategy – a pharma/medical device product launch consulting company based in Atlanta, GA. In this call, Lynn will explain how  LylliLaunchTools ®   can help you while expediting your free trial signup and account setup

  • Are you frustrated with your current Launch Planning Software?
  • Is your current Launch Planning Software super clunky and complicated to use?
  • Does your team HATE using your current Launch Planning Software every single day?
  • Would you prefer to be using a Goal setting and Product Launch software designed specifically to service the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Science and, Medical Device industries?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in luck because, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Click on this link to find out how Lynn Donalson can simplify your current process.

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LYLLI LAUNCHTOOLS® - Your Goals Conquered Daily

Our Purpose

Traditional goal-setting methods often lack collaboration and daily tracking, causing frustration. Lylli LaunchTools provides easy-to-use software with colorful, interactive interfaces, enhancing goal-setting and offering personalized support to ease the stress of product launches. With weekly support Zoom calls, we ensure users have the most delightful experience using this intuitive goalsetting software.

5 star rated everywhere!

Lynn Donaldson knows product launch and Goalsetting. She helped a company achieve $1.3 billion in sales at launch.

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5 star rated everywhere!

Goal setting is a Breeze
with Lylli LaunchTools


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About Lylli LaunchTools®

Lylli LaunchTools was exclusively designed to serve Pharmaceutical (Pharma) & Life Science Industry verticals.The Lylli LaunchTools team wanted to develop a tool dedicated to your industry needs.

Customers tell us that we’ve taken the best features of Trello, Monday, Asana, etc. and put them all into Lylli LaunchTools, while making it very intuitive and easy to use with almost no learning curve.

Lylli LaunchTools was designed specifically for Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Medical Device Industries. We are the ONLY tool that has this level of Pharma focus. This is because the Pharma Industry has very unique requirements when Developing, Planning & Tracking a succesful Launch Strategy. We know this to be true, by working with clients everyday for the last 10 years. Lylli LaunchTools is built for the industry and is set to evolve with the needs and requirements of our Pharma, Life Science & Medical Device clients.

Lylli LaunchTools is ideal for teams of 10 or more as well as larger team with 25-55+ people.

Yes. The Lylli LaunchTools® software is available to users from all countries, however it is only available in english for now.


Yes! We think so. Our founders are the most non-technical people you can think of. The Lylli LaunchTools® was designed to make your life easier and we’re confident you’ll agree with us after you use the tool for a while.

Yes, the Lylli LaunchTools® team offer premium onboarding to help setup your Free 30 day trial.

About the System

Lylli LaunchTools does not have AI features that offer those services, but our support teams do offer consulting to guide customers as needed. Lylli LaunchTools offers Premium Onboarding which uploads commonly used strategies into the tool, which the team can then edit to match their specific requirements as needed.

Lylli LaunchTools has built in RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed). It is the responsibility of the Program/Project Manager or Admin to check tasks are being completed and according to the timelines.

Lylli LaunchTools reports are in the Gantt, Kanban or if desired downloadable in CSV format, depending on your requirements.

Lylli LaunchTools can be used on these devices, but the experience won’t be optimal. It is best experienced on Larger screens like laptops and desktops.

Payment Plan

Lylli LaunchTools is not expensive. Our users tell us that the pricing is fair and affordable, and this was by design.

Lylli LaunchTools offers two payment options. You choose whether to pay Monthly or Annually. You will see more savings if you opt for the Annual plan.

Our Values

Lylli LaunchTools® Helps You Launch Better, Faster & Smoother. It's Easy To Use. It Displays Easy To Understand Visual Reports Like Gantt Charts, Kanban Charts And Product Launch Roadmaps.


Our aim is make to things as easy to use as possible. Life is already complex, your product launch shouldn't be


Just as you care for your patients, we care for your ability to be able to continuously make their lives better


We connect with our clients on a deeper level to best align with their culture of success


Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) is the philosophy that drives us and motivates us to do better each day


Collaboration starts from Day One, we're a partner not a vendor

Lylli LaunchTools helps you Conquer Your Product Launch Goals Daily. It's Easy to Use. It displays easy to understand visual reports like Gantt Charts, Kanban Charts and Product Launch Roadmaps.

Lylli LaunchTools is the only product launch software that maps Goals to Objectives to Strategy to Tactics to Key Activities. Now teams know what they're doing and why.

5 star rated everywhere!